The JET Program

Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to the JET Program. I am sure you are excited and have lots a questions! Let’s start of with a brief description of what the JET Program is.

The JET Program is at its heart a cultural exchange program. As it says on the program website, it “is aimed at promoting grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations.” The program is built to give Japanese students exposure to native English and English-speaking culture while giving us the opportunity to explore and learn about the culture of Japan.  Exchange is the goal, teaching is the mechanism we use. Remember this as you continue your journey on the JET program. We hope you enjoy your time in Hiroshima. For more information on JET in Hiroshima and the education system in Japan in general, please visit the links below.

Hiroshima JETs — A brief discussion of the organization of JET Teachers in Japan.

Education in Japan — A quick read about world of teaching in Japan. What’s new, different, and fun!