Finding a church in Japan that suits your needs and beliefs may seem like a daunting task but keep in mind that there are many practicing religious groups that don’t actually have a fixed place of worship. This makes them hard to find and contact. However religious groups and churches in Japan often gain popularity and legitimacy through word of mouth, so ask around your town or city and I’m sure you will find a group that suits you.

To get more info on the churches nearest you, contact your nearest city hall, the AJET Christian Support Group or the Church Information Service (English on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 10am-5pm):       
Shinburi 2-16-20-2, Niiza-shi, Saitama-ken 352
TEL: (0424) 94-2219; FAX: (0424) 93-44

The following churches have services in English or provide translations:

Hiroshima City

Memorial Cathedral for World Peace (Catholic)
Every Sunday 2:30 pm, English Mass,
Contact: (082) 221-0621, (Japanese)
Directions: 5 minute walk north from “Kanayama-cho” streetcar stop.

Mitaki Green Chapel  (Assembly of God)
Every Sunday,10:30 am Japanese service, translators available; 1:30 pm English service
Contact: (082) 237-2823,
Directions: 5 minute walk up the hill from Mitaki Station (Kabe Line)

Jesus Fellowship  (Pentecostal)
10 am Japanese service, interpretation available
Contact: (082) 241-8957 and ask for Bronwyn, (Japanese)
Directions: located near Peace Park, south of Astral Plaza

Asaminami Bilingual Chapel  ABC (Protestant, Evangelical Free Church)
Bilingual service Sundays at 4pm, café time 3:40-3:55pm
Contact: 082-225-7704 or or Facebook
Directions: northeast of JR Furuichibashi Station

Hiroshima Community Church  (Itsukaichi)
3 pm Japanese service (occasionally bilingual message)
Contact: Dan & Ruth Johnson at (082) 928-8071 for further information,
Directions: take a bus to north Itsukaichi

Lifehouse Hiroshima (Pentecostal)
English service Sundays 2pm-3:10
Contact: 03-6426-5923,
Directions: 5 min walk from PARCO

*There is also a Chapel for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the city, which welcomes foreign members and has translation available.


Takashima Chapel (高島チャペル)
Services: Every Sunday 10:30am. Service in Japanese (with translation)
English Service once a month @ 2:30pm. More details on Website/Facebook.
Transport: Free shuttle from Fukuyama Station outside Cocos Curry House leaving 9:50am every Sunday.
Contact: Pastor Satoshi Mori (or wife Masako) on 084-956-3295 or through Facebook.

Showa Machi Catholic Church
2nd and 4th Sunday 3pm English mass

Contact: Telephone: (0849) 23-0614, Directions: 10 min walk from JR Fukuyama StationNew Life Church Fukuyama
Currently meeting on the third floor of Fukuyama shimin kouryukan – ふくやま市民交流館

10 am bilingual service, Thurs. 8 pm bilingual Bible study at the mission house.
Contact: Grant & Yuki Willems (084) 945 5554

Fukuyama Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
Sunday Service from 10 am – 1 pm

Contact: 084-925-0258

Iwakuni City

Faith Baptist Church
English services Sundays 11am and 6pm
Contact: Brandon Knight (090) 7137-6823

Hiroshima Jewish Network

“Shalom Aliechem”.  Welcome to Hiroshima!

There is a Jewish community, small but dedicated, in the Chugoku Area at the Iwakuni military base. The community has been practicing for several years. It is a reform community and anyone who wishes to practice Judaism is welcome to join. The group meets often, and makes it a point to observe major holidays. Do not worry if you cannot read Hebrew or do not have a strong religious background; the most important thing is that you feel as though you have a place to worship and celebrate together with other people.

For those interested in joining the group, please contact the station chapel at: 858-577-7368.

The Jewish Community of Japan, based in Tokyo and Kobe, also has more information at

Also, please try the AJET Jewish Network to find other Jewish JETs.