Hiroshima JET Scholarship Fund

HJSF The Hiroshima JET Scholarship fund is a unique scholarship opportunity for students within Hiroshima Prefecture. It is created and funded by Hiroshima JETs through public events and gatherings in the hopes of making a young Japanese student’s dream to study abroad come true.

In the spirit of promoting international exchange and students’ practical English communication abilities, the fund will provide a ¥250,000 scholarship to one student of a school in Hiroshima Prefecture, where a JET Program ALT is present. The scholarship is to be used as funding towards a study abroad program of the student’s choosing. Only students who are in their 2nd or 3rd year of JHS or their 1st or 2nd year of HS at the time of submitting the application are eligible to apply.

To make this happen, Hiroshima JETs volunteer their time and money into leading events to raise money. In the past, we have held competitions in which blocks within the prefecture compete to raise the most money. Members within a block can work together and use their creativity to create fundraising events to help raise money. Events can also be held by individuals willing to volunteer their time and talents. Examples include charity concerts, dance parties, potluck picnics, and movie nights. Anyone can lead a fund raising event, so if you are driven and want to send a hopeful student abroad, please donate your time and money!

For more info or to donate, please visit the official site here.