For Leaving JETs

First of all, おつかれさま!Thank you for being a Hiroshima JET and contributing to the Hiroshima JET community. You will be sorely missed. We wish you nothing but the best for your future goals and aspirations. Remember your experiences here are a testiment to your strengths and abilities. Over the last year or so you have overcome a number of trials and learned so much from your experience here. Please remember this as you take your next step.

Now, we know you are very busy as you prepare for your departure, so below we have some resources for you. Hopefully, these will make the next few months easier for you.

Counting Down
Preparing for Your Sucessor
Pension Refund
Packing Up/Cleaning House
CLAIR After JET Guide (PDF)
NEW Successor Handover Information Packetfillable (PDF)
Preparation for Successor Form (Doc)

If there is any other information you need, or you just want to chat, please contact us.