Pronunciation Lesson

Me IRL before teaching this lesson

Pronunciation lessons can be really intimidating for both teachers and students. I’ve always been nervous to make students feel bad about their pronunciation skills because it’s hard enough to get them to try to talk! However, I was inspired after the Skills Development Conference a couple weeks ago and decided to create an awesome pronunciation lesson that could be shared amongst us Hiroshima ALTs, and anywhere else really.

This lesson works in three separate parts and uses a lot of visuals to really help the students relax and also be able to fully grasp the concepts introduced. Try to get through the first part quickly! This isn’t a lecture. The most important thing is that students practice on their own. With that being said, here is the agenda for the lesson:

  1. Pronunciation Practice: Explain the target sounds to students.
  2. Pyramid Game: Practice speaking and listening together.
  3. Bingo: Practice listening for the following class through Bingo!

The three pairs of sounds that I chose to introduce are:

S vs. TH
F vs. H
L vs. R

Click the image or here to view the presentation.

In the Google Slides comments, you can read each step that I recommend for the lesson. You can also copy the slides to your own Google Drive and change things around. I created the lesson to help my students with their upcoming recitation contest, so that is included in one slide. Change it as you wish!

To do this lesson, it’s imperative that you fully understand the ways in which each sound is created and how to act that out to students. You cannot be afraid to look silly, because when exaggerating these sounds, it feels pretty freaking weird. But as long as you’re having fun, your students will as well.

If you have any questions about this lesson, feel free to reach out to me. Also if you use it, let me know as well! Hope you’re all having a great final semester!

Kristen Lewis
Kristen Lewis is a second year ALT in Higashihiroshima. She manages the website and social media for Wide Island View. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys busying herself with learning the ins-and-outs of website development and spending copious amounts of time playing video games.

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