Hiroshima City Photo Contest

by Kelly Jackson

I love to snap quick pictures of curious-looking items I find around Hiroshima. I am quite confident that residents of Hiroshima also have a stash of such photos, but, unfortunately, I’ve yet to come across a venue to display such photos. So, I’ve taken things into my own hands, and have decided to hold a small photo exhibition. You don’t need a fancy camera; the one on your cell phone is fine.I am hoping that foreign and Japanese residents can come together and have a few laughs and smiles over quirky photos. Japanese residents are also welcome to submit photos.

The event itself will be held on Saturday, March 12th from 3pm – 4:15pm at the Hiroshima City International House, a short walk from Hiroshima Station. Admission is free and open to all. Light refreshments will also be served. Please e-mail me, Kelly, at rei_3@hotmail.com, with “Photo Exhibition” in the subject line for more details on how to submit your photograph.

You can also check out the facebook event for more info @ Photo Exhibition! 写真展示!

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